Distance & Remote learning

As times are changing technology can be used more and more to provide the same user learning experience to a child as if they were in the class room. Student can view what their teachers are doing in real time and teachers can now also see what the students are doing and their progress

Don’t let the distance affect the quality of education our teachers are able to provide our children!

Technology demonstration

Here is a quick video showing you the different components to help the remote learning experience.

Teaching frame, student desk lamp webcam and ELMS platform – a perfect remote learning combo!

BoardIT – Teaching whiteboard digitiser

The most useful tool helping teacher’s to present their lessons from home. Convert any flat surface into a digital once, whiteboard, blackboards, window frames are all compatible can now be converted into teaching surfaces.

Teaching frame, student desk lamp webcam and ELMS platform – a perfect remote learning combo!

No more theft!

If the device is stolen it can be disabled remotely. The disabling prevents the device from being turned on whilst still keeping the tracking engine running for it to be recovered.

With a zero-street-value, thieves will not steal this!

Reduce your cost of repairs

Our devices have been designed to greatly reduce the risk of damage to screen and charging ports.

Our INNOVATAB’s glass does not extend to the edge and has a magnetic charging port for exactly this reason!

See the video on our great design.

Your data usage is safe

If required our devices come fitted with a non-removable sim card preventing the misuse of company data in other devices when the sim card is removed.

Our Mobile Device Management Software controls data usage while the tablet is operational.

Reduce paper usage

Our devices encourage the use of software to replace paper use and waste. Our development team and partners will be able to assist you with moving to a paperless environment through the use of technology.

Perhaps you already have your own software? No problem, we’ll pre-load it for you!.

Some of our products


Our patented design gives this device ability to be remotely controlled and tracked without it even being turned on. The device may be locked down on a hardware level permanently until tracked recovered.

Feature rich and customisable to your budget, we offer the tablet in both Windows and Android versions 

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With a choice of 65/75/86inch we  can offer the same futures as our INNOVATAB to enable you to monitor, control and recover your Smartboard in the case of theft.

With optional high performance OPS and INNOVA SCHOOLBAG software, this is the right device for your classroom or boardroom.



WIth a variety of specification to choose from to suite your budget, our laptop devices are equipped with our technology that will prevent your laptop from being stolen. With laptop tracking and recovery you can be sure that your data is safe. 

Should your laptop go missing, it can be remotely disabled, whilst still keeping the tracking engine running.



Do you have your own device that needs to be tracked? We specialise in custom designing our tracking device to fit your application. Focusing on a custom non-intrusive design, it’s the best tracker for your equipment.



Every client has individual and specialised needs, we’d love to meet and go through and plan your project with you. Contact us now!